Allan Lear CEO of Water4Use and Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Restore and Protect the Philippine Seas: Improving Sewer Waste Treatment and Management

The Philippine Seas, especially its coastal waters, is currently troubled with worsening conditions that stem from the domestic waste water that comes from the islands. Water4Use, an Australian company founded by Allan Lear, spent years developing the Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine or the CVFM, a new water treatment system that can bring back the pristine quality of the Philippine Seas by improving the way we treat our waste water.

Here is how the current system works. Waste water coming from toilets will be flushed down into the septic tank. It will then be absorbed by the earth or go directly into bodies of water, which in most cases passes through the sewage drains. This, in effect, contaminates and degrades the whole marine ecosystem, directly affecting the people who access the seas in the process.

The goal is to integrate the CVFM with the current waste water management system in the Philippines. Waste water that comes from the septic tanks will need to pass through the CVFM which will kill harmful contaminants before reaching the rivers and coastal waters.

The CVFM is a system that cycles the waste water through the filter membrane over time until waste water is treated and contaminants are eliminated. The filter membrane is a result of a 7-year research and development that is designed to remove most of the contaminants from any source. It is made up of layers that are proven to filter chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, silts and oil.

We can now ensure that the Philippine Seas are safe from contaminants. It can now be restored, corals reefs can now grow again, increasing marine life population. We can now prevent Algal Bloom. We can have clean beaches where everyone can enjoy.

Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine by Water4Use can make a great difference.

We are here to help restore and protect the Philippine Seas.

Written by Water4Use PR Team, 14th of March, 2018

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