Rural School Teaching Facility with Water Reuse Technology

6th of June, 2018

The idea is to use off grid solutions to power and sustain a modular teaching facility that can be easily deployed to remote areas who don’t have access to education.

Restore and Protect the Philippine Seas: Improving Sewer Waste Treatment and Management

14th of March, 2018

The Philippine Seas, especially the coastal waters, are currently troubled with worsening conditions that stem from the unregulated dumping of domestic waste water. Water4Use, an Australian company founded by Allan Lear, spent years developing the Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine (CVFM), a new water treatment system that can bring back the pristine quality of the Philippine Seas by improving the way we treat our waste water.

What happens to your body as you die of dehydration?

3rd of June, 2017

Wandering around the desert is a good way to get dangerously dehydrated, but severe dehydration can also occur in more moderate conditions if you're exercising a lot, or just not drinking enough water.

Water makes up about 55 to 65 percent of your body. It’s a crucial ingredient in the chemistry that helps your brain think, your blood flow, and your muscles move. But what happens after you sweat through a spin class, spend a day at the beach, or simply ignore your thirst? Dehydration is ...

How much does food drink?

18th of May, 2017

When you eat, you use up every drop of water your food required to grow. And depending on your choices—roasted bro¬ccoli versus a juicy steak—a meal might consume a few liters of water, or a few hundred.

Some plants sip gingerly from the soil, while others gulp; and animals not only drink water, but ingest it indirectly through ...

How to Make Sewage Drinkable

15th of April, 2017

You should want to drink from your toilet. Flushes flood sewers with precious liquid that ends up washed out to sea or sprinkled on crops. But we could be enjoying recycled urine as a beverage.

Some U.S. cities, like the perpetually parched San Diego, are beginning to use advanced purification treatment plants to reclaim the stuff, combating drought by harnessing ...

Revolutionary Water Cleaning Technology

28th of March, 2017

Water resources on a global scale are becoming increasingly polluted, and when this occurs water becomes unsuitable for reuse unless recovered and suitably treated.

Polluted water that makes its way into the environment often results in unsafe...

How Water4Use Can Save The Reef

17th of March, 2017

A Brisbane company proposes it has developed a system that could save the Great Barrier Reef, if only it could get through all the red tape.

Water4Use CEO Allan Lear says recent reports to save the reef, including the government’s...

Moisture Misers

March 2017

In the driest places on the planet, hydration is hard to come by and easy to lose. Every moist breath exhaled, every bead of sweat that drips off, and every emptied bladder full of urine means wasted wetness and a greater risk of death...

Stressed Out: Gauging Global Water Worries

March 2017

In our part of the world, clean water flows straight from a tap. In others, people trek for miles to reach a potable source. How do we measure the availability of this essential resource? Compare the amount of...

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