About Water4Use

An Australian company, Water4use has developed an onsite mobile water filtration and recycling technology targeting water reuse opportunities across commercial industry. The massive cost, inconvenience and inefficiency of transporting large volumes of waste water across the country contributed to this revolutionary, environmental and financially viable solution.

The Water4Use technology unit is currently seeking an international patent, and therefore can't be described in detail, but in general terms the technology involves utilizing filter media in unique combinations and processes. The mobile filtration units will target waste water reuse opportunities in order to meet environmental guidelines.

The versatility and mobility of the 250 kg 1.5m x 1.5 m Water4use mobile units means they can be containerized and shipped across the globe.

Contact Information

Level 54, 111 Eagle St., Brisbane, QLD 4000

Australia: (07) 5405 3620


Unit A2/A3 Bldg. A MCOM 02, Braveheart

St., Commercial Park, Subic Bay

Gateway Park, Phase 1, SBFZ 2222

Philippines: (047) 250 3753


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