We have developed an eco-friendly, cheap and reusable solution for saline or oily waste water to save our ocean and promote clean living.


Preventing Waterborne Diseases through Sewage Treatment

May, 2018 by Water4Use PR Team

Septic System Wastewater Treatment

May, 2018 by Water4Use PR Team

Restore and Protect the Philippine Seas - Improving Sewer Waste Treatment and Management

March, 2018 by Water4Use PR Team

Water4Use Working with Nanotechnology on Groundwater Clean up

June, 2017 by Water4Use PR Team

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Restore and Protect the Philippine Seas: Improving Sewer Waste Treatment and Management

March, 2018 by Water4Use PR Team

The Philippine Seas, especially its coastal waters, is currently troubled with worsening conditions that stems from the domestic waste water that comes from the islands. Water4Use, an Australian company founded by Allan Lear, spent years developing the Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine or the CVFM, a new water treatment system that can bring back the pristine quality of the Philippine Seas by improving the way we treat our waste water.

About Water4Use

Water4Use, Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Dynamic world first mobile Waste Water reuse solutions are our core focus and include custom adaptions for industry, agriculture, mining and storm water. We continuously strive to achieve the best filtration and treatment solutions creating cost effective systems that are readily available to every industry.

Water4Use, Wastewater Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Our innovative mobile technologies offer a wide range of specifically designed customer focused solutions for recycling waste water onsite providing cost effective reuse alternatives. Logistics such as water carrying, storage and delivery to large treatment facilities are avoided because water filtration treatment is immediate.

Water4Use Water Reuse Campaign

Global Reuse Campaign

Global water shortages, rising costs, and the increased importance of corporate environmental responsibility are all factors prompting the design for suitable mobile technologies to reduce environmental harm and add re-useable valuable water resources.

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Client Feedback

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Water4Use addresses both the symptom and the cause: solve for the immediate need by creating access to safe water and sanitation now. Solve for the big picture by setting up a system that works at scale and lives long after we do.

Zac MacLaren

Business Owner, Transportable Shade Sheds

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Water4Use have made it their mission to bring water and sanitation to the world. Through market-driven, financial solutions, they've transformed countless of families — giving communities a better future.

Steve McKay

Social Worker and Environmentalist

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The best way to help people get access to safe water is to help them get access to small, affordable loans made possible through something we call Water4Use.

Ellis Kashmir Sindaya

Environmental Advocate, Clean Water Movement

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When we put the power into the hands of the people who need it, the solution is more likely to succeed and to last. They have a personal investment to see the solution through.

Geoffrey Cazimiro

Research and Development Director, Saver6.com, Inc.

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